Saturday, November 15, 2008

Braving the rain to help others get their rights

I was going to spend my day at the Book Fair, and only at the book fair. My, my wallet, and a whole lot of books/posters/cards/stuff for sale. Ya trouble in the making.

However as I was searching for more information I stumbled on news of a protest planned for today at 1:30 pm. A protest in front of the ugliest building in the world, Boston's City Hall. Not to protest the ugly building, but to protest an ugly action. To protest the denial of people in California to marry the person they love.

Marriage is not the business of any church, it is the business of government. Before anyone can marry in any church, they must first go to the government and request a 'marriage license'. If they meet the requirements set down by the government, the couple is given permission to marry. It is then, and only then that the couple can marry. The church does not give permission to marry, it only sanctifies the marriage.

Sanctify Sanctify means to give religious sanction to. That's all any church can to. To witness the marriage, in front of god. A marriage thus sanctified with vows taken in front of 'GOD' the church and the community is suppose to be better, special, a greater vow than one taken in front of a Judge, Town Clerk, or Justice of the Peace. The greater the church, the greater the vow.

Ya, that's why my marriage is so strong, let me show it to you ...

oh wait a minute, my massive sanctified marriage is over. It ended in 2004, well 2003 - shortly after Aaron F*****G Boone hit that home run. Shortly before the Massachusetts Supreme Court gave the rights of marriage to any two people who wanted to marry.

Neither of those events had anything to do with the end of my marriage, although if anyone asks, I blame Boone.

Join the Impact
Saturday, November 15, 2008
Time: 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Location: City Hall/Government Center
Street: 1 City Hall Plaza
City/Town:Boston, MA

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