Thursday, December 04, 2008

Four for four with the Boston Globe

Sent the Boston Globe the anecdote about what happened at CVS. I got the following email at 2pm.


We received your "Tales from the City" submission and are considering publishing it in an upcoming issue of the Boston Globe Magazine.

That means I have sent in four anecdotes for "Tales from the City" and all four have been accepted.

Sadly, I only have one of those linked to on my blog. The one from the Boston Red Sox.
Red Sox

I got one in about Kelly's Roast Beef back in May 2007

When I was a child nothing meant summer to me more than Revere Beach, and lunch at Kelly's. I am now one of the lucky ones. I own a home on Revere Beach, just a few short steps from Kelly's.

After the moving men left, I rushed away from my boxes to be emptied and ran, not walked to Kelly's for a long awaited sandwich. Not that it is not possible to have a Kelly's Roast Beef sandwich anywhere. They just taste better with the ocean in the background, and seagulls fighting over the last frenchfry.

As I walked away from the stand, I turned and asked the young man behind the counter what the stands hours were.

"All of them,' he groaned ' all of them!"

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