Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adding a few more blogs

Got home late last night. About half way through Chuck at 8:30. I'll watch it today on line, no problem.

Started playing around with blogspot again. I created a new blog to put down the last 2 and a half years in one place where all the strangeness can merge with every thing I learned about having cancer. Hopefully I can share some of that knowledge with others.

I also started working on my Boston Quotes web page.

Right now the surgery pain has been pushed back to a 4. I grabbed my Lidoderm patches and put one over each scar. It only took a few minutes before the muscle relaxing medications started taking effect. I like the idea of pain patches to pain pills. Pills just shut down the entire body, while the patches can be aimed right at the source of the pain. I did not want to waste a massive dose of pain pills that would shut off my brain, when I could slap on a patch and continue thinking and doing.

The dogs will not let me out of their sight.

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