Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back from writing group

Oh goodness, I am in pain right now. I was at writing group, and the three guys that attended were just letting the jokes fly. The sillier they got, the more I giggled. The more I giggled, the more my stitches hurt!

Watching E TV, and the pre Oscar show, I don't watch the Oscars much, but I live the Red Carpet. They just mentioned that Slum Dog Millionaire was not expected to go into the theaters until it hit big at the Toronto Film Festival. Loving some of the clothing, watching Liana's Paper Doll Blog as she is one of the many people live blogging the awards. Only instead of making snark comments, she is drawing the dresses some of the stars are wearing.

I really have to get back to working on my writing, my comic book. Got about a dozen pages done, need to get them scanned. Or get the disk for the smart tablet and do it that way. After all, that is why I got the tablet in the first place.

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