Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie

Well next week is the New York City toy fair, it's also Barbie's 50th appearance at the toy fair. So happy Birthday Barbara Millicent Roberts and family. So I started thinking again about how to figure out just how many dolls I have.

It's more than that, I have
trading cards
paper dolls
magnetic dolls,
color form dolls
doll cases
vehicles - planes, trains and automobiles
Pets - horses, dogs, cats, birds
Houses, castles, stores restaurants and shopping malls
My size barbie,
Barbie and friends
Ken and friends

I have dolls that have never set foot out of a box, and dolls that had to be cleaned and repaired before they could get a foot in a shoe. I have all four sizes of Skipper, and all three sizes of Ken. The five sizes of Barbie; the walkers, the talkers, no joints, all joints, the bendy bodies.

Then there are the other dolls, Jem, Dawn, Donny and Marie. I know I have Donny's purple suit, I just don't have it on Donny. I have Bradley dolls, Celebrity dolls.

Where do I even start. I have started and stopped so many times already.


  1. That's very interesting to note! Happy birthday Barbie (for costing me over $2000 in birthday presents over the past 10 years, humph). Brilliant post my dear.

  2. Thanks. She has cost me more than that in a single year alone. Now I have turned myself into a doll as well.


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