Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just my luck

Well work on my street continues a paced. Today they have been jack hammering and pounding the ground at my neighbors home. The noise really gets to the dogs and they have both spent the day curled up next to me.

Still all three of us sharing the couch. In a way I think the dog fight was just the thing they needed to push themselves over the edge to pack mates. They still fight, still wrestle with each other. I believe it is a case of Byron can beat on Drumstick, but no one else better beat on Drumstick, or Byron will beat on them.

Usually the crew starts at the pre crack of dawn, and clean up starts at 2. By three we have the street to ourselves again. Not this time. It appears they are going to fight the sun for every drop of work time. I feel as if I have been at the dentist all day. Getting everything drilled. Everything.

Road has been blocked off since 7am. Was suppose to go to CVS this morning. Was never able to. Oh well, I'm so not heart broken.

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