Saturday, February 07, 2009

Post about my dogs and I getting attacked.

I had a wonderful day on the beach with Byron and Drumstick, until we were walking home and discovered my neighbors Akita was loose. I posted this on my lj blog, the section after the jump is from another blog I post to - Note to Asshat.

Still shaking with rage. I have to go to CVS in a bit to pick up meds, I have to calm down first.


The dogs and I went for a long walk on the beach. We had fun, I tossed tennis balls and each dog ran after them. Byron ran to 'his' and then back to me for a treat. Forgetting that the ball needed to be returned in order to get the treat. Drumstick figured out that if he ran back with his ball he got a treat, then ran for Byron's ball, he got a second treat. Two treats to Byron's one, and suddenly a scam was created.

Byron realized that Drumstick was going after his ball and getting a second treat. So Byron realized that if he brought back a ball, he might get a second treat. So Drumstick would bring back his ball, drop it, get a treat, and run for Byron's ball. Byron would pick up the ball Drumstick has brought back to me, and make a big show of giving it back to me, expecting a second treat. After the 3rd toss, Byron realized that while Drumstick liked chasing the balls and returning them for a treat. He, that is Byron could get a treat, just for being on the same beach as Drumstick. So we spent about 8 or 10 more tosses with Drumstick getting a treat for each ball returned, and Byron getting a treat for each ball Drumstick returned.

We meet some new puppies, and other dogs on the beach and both dogs were sweet and very well behaved. I finally got tired, and decided it was time to go home. After all, they could pee and poo on the beach all they wanted to, I had to wait until we got home.

I should have waited a bit longer. As we were coming down the street, I realized the Akita belonging to the elderly couple down the street was loose. Loose, and coming at the three of us as fast as he could. The dog ran past two neighbors, who made no move to stop him, and went right for Bryon.

Drumstick tried to help defend his buddy, was was woefully over matched, he was on his back in a second. Without thinking I put my hand in between the two dogs, to protect Drumstick, while trying to control Byron.

Byron came at the Akita from the other side and managed to knock him off Drumstick. Who I quickly grabbed and pulled to my chest. The owner finally showed up, he had gotten his car and drove the six houses to where the three of us where. Once he grabbed his dog, Byron let go. His dog was clearly the aggressor here.

Once he got the dog in the car, he came over to make sure we were all right. I see no marks on Byron, and Drumstick while covered with dog slobber is also unharmed. He limped for a second coming into the house but that could have been just his rush to get inside. I have never been dragged inside by Drumstick before.

The owner and his wife are an older couple, in their 80's and have lived in the neighborhood for over 40 years. So I will not be calling animal control on them, but I'm still so angry I am shaking. Don't have to pee any more either.


I'm sitting here shaking with rage. Doing my best to hide it from my two dogs who are just now calming down.

So -

Dear neighbor, you and your wife are both over 80, your both now as spry as you use to be. First, what possessed you to purchase an Akita, a dog that clearly outweighs you, and listens to you about as well as the ocean listened to King Canute. I have watched you walk the dog, both hands on the lead, warning other dog owners to stay away because he is hard to control. I long dreaded the day he got loose, wondering who would pay the price for your inability to train your dog. To accept your responsibility to control your dog.

Today I learned who would pay the price, me. I had just returned from taking my dogs for their daily walk on the beach. I was working on call and return training with the puppy. Byron is very good at it, but Drumstick needs some work.

As we turned the corner toward home, I realized your Akita was loose. Your dog does not return when called I don't think he even knows his own name. So instead you were yelling at neighbors to grab the dog as he ran by. Not a single one did, no one is going to reach out to a strange dog and try to grab it when it is so actively gunning for a fight.

Well it was a fight he got, Byron, my Keeshound got the puppy and I behind him and waited for your dog to strike. He did not hit first, but he did hit best. Until the Akita turned and went after the puppy, who was despite his small size doing his best to help out.

And you, what did you do, you got in your van and DROVE up to where I was trying desperately to defend my dogs!

At least you asked if my dogs were okay, I could care less that you dog did not have any marks on him. Hell, I hoped your dog had so many gashes it needed hospital care. Your unleashed loose dog attacked me and my two leashed dogs!!!!!!

If you can't control your dog, you should not have one.

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  1. Woah! I am terribly afraid of dogs--to hear a fuss about three of them? Too much for Clayrn Darrow--don't know if my heart could take that punishment.I'm glad you're o.k though.


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