Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boston Toy Show

Which I will pay for on Monday.

G arrived at 8 and we headed down to the Boston Toy Show. I had discovered on Saturday that I had a rebate on my gas bill, so I decided to bring a bit more money to the show. People were there to sell toys, not hang on to them. I found bargains galore. From several nice early Barbie outfits to a set of Ideal dolls. The entire box was ten dollars!

I also picked up a nice 1940's Ginger Rogers doll that had never been removed from the box. It was late in the day and the woman did not want to bring it home. I have not figured out where she is going to go, as she is two feet tall and still wrapped in plastic wrap. The doll, not the box.

We stopped at Toy s us and took a look at the new GI Joe's and Barbie's available. Got an amazing Little Red Riding Hood, we both thought the 'big bad wolf' was staring at Barbie's boobs. So did con_brat when she saw it.

Stopped at the Dollar Store yesterday and found Lynne Truss's book "Talk to the Hand" for, you guess it. A dollar.

I was trying to get the last rawhide chew unrolled so the dogs would stop fighting over it and managed to cut my hand. Not bad, just a scratch, but a long scratch right across my palm.

Still trying to get the old laptop to work again. I still have firefox crashing and the blue screen of death on a regular basis. Like oh about every five seconds. It stays up in safe mode, but who wants to use safe mode.

Pictures of the dolls to follow in the morning.

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