Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spent the day playing Barbie and fixing up the house.

I have sorted out MOST of the loose clothing. Should I be worried that it took 3 days? I ended up with more boxes than I started with, and have come close to finding all the clothing that needs repair. Large number of outfits that are not Barbie, More than I thought I had really.

I got those hanging seperators, the ones that your suppose to put in a closet over a rod. Then set two of those in cardboard storage boxes. I was able to go through the many multiple bags, boxes and drawers with doll clothing and collect it all in one place. Well at least I think I collected it all in one place.

Barbie clothing, two box of gowns -- long skirts - short skirts -- pants - shorts -- dresses -- tops -- jackets -- coats -- bathing suits -- night shirts, underwear

Ken clothing----- pants - shorts -- shirts -- jackets -- shoes (all seperated of course). - never found a single pair of Ken underwear. Guess he always goes commando

Skipper - she was much harder, because many of her clothes don't have a tag that says 'skipper' and she has changed sizes four times over the last 50 years. I am glad I have all four sizes of the doll, but still, arg... She has pants -- tops -- dress -- long dresses.

Tutti, Todd Stacie -- Put all the mid size clothing together. They really don't offer the T's any more, even when Mattel does a sisters package they only show Barbie, Stacie and Kelly, So while most of these clothes are for Stacie, some of them might fit Tutti. Not sure if I have many Todd outfits at all. That will be fore the next drill down - organization of the outfits.

Kelly was a bit easier, some of her clothing is marked with a K, and since she is the same size as Tommy Ken's little brother, those outfits were put together. I think the use close to the same body for both dolls anyway.

Krissy is the newest member of the family, a tiny baby. Goodness when are Barbie's parents going to stop having babies. Most of her clothing is one piece, or little sleepers.

I started this because some one asked me about Earring Magic Ken, and Totally Hair Ken. I own both, but don't have either doll in origional clothing. I got both separately, buy purchasing 'collections' of clothing off of ebay, and collections of unknown dolls. Offered to put the outfit on the doll and take a picture. Could not find the doll, or the outfit. So I started pulling down dolls, and yanking apart boxes of clothing. Now I have the entire outfit (except the necklace, but I know where that is) and still can't find the doll. How hard is it to find one doll out of 300 loose dolls. I know I did not give him away. I thought I had put him in my 'dancing group' in a tux, but I can not find him.

Do I have to many dolls. - heck no!!!!!

I hope Drummie did not get to him, he did eat two dolls his first month here, but has left them alone since then.

So question my collecting friends, how do you sort your loose doll clothing? Any one here play with their dolls the way I do? I put them in different outfits on a regular basis, move them from doll house to doll house. From room to room in my house. I like 'action' having the dolls dance, or shop, or sit for dinner.

Yes I play with my dolls

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