Monday, March 16, 2009

Why are their no collectable toy stores in Boston

As a doll collector I would love to be able to visit with other collectors. To go to a store with many collector dolls, not just Barbie, but Gene, the Toner dolls and even paper dolls. There are toy stores in the area, but none of them carry collectible dolls. I have a list of area toy stores that I want to visit in the area.

I also put on my snark protection hat and asked the Boston Live Journal community to keep their eyes open for new and interesting stores to look for. I am looking for things like an Ashton Drake supplier, or Madame Alexander. Not just Barbie, but a store that sells the gold and silver line of dolls would be great.

If my health and the economy were both in better shape I would love to be that person. Because it stuns me that there is no collectible toy store in the area. We do have some independent toy stores in the area. They are all of the organic, free range children, no dolls stores.

Even the ones that advertise them selves as being for children and adults.

Sigh, I can not be the only doll collector in the Greater Boston area, can I?

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