Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cleaning product love

Can a person who hates to clean fall in love with a cleaning product? Who thinks that cleaning is one of those things that you do only when you have to. I clean up after the dogs and cat when they have an accident, or when they get sick. When the dogs run around outside, or go for a walk, they pick up mud on their feet, as do I. Mud, gets ground into the carpet, into the floor. Every where.

I like to walk around bare foot, that's why I live on a beach, the dogs naturally don't wear anything on their feet. This has lead me on a continued search for something I could use to clean my home with out using any harmful products.

So a few weeks ago I could not sleep and ended up watching infomercials for a while. One for for the H20 mop, a system of cleaning that uses forced steam to clean. They add claimed the mop, could clean up just about anything including ground in dirt. It must have been the medications, or the lack of sleep, but I grabbed the phone and ordered me an H20 Mop.

The morning after I wondered what I was thinking, when I made that late night purchase. Could I get my money back? Would this thing really work? Or had I just spent 120 dollars on something stupid? I am usually not a fan of pad cleaners, being the only person who stopped using a swiffer cleaner. Still the idea of cleaning without any chemicals sounded exciting. I decided to accept the package when it arrived and give the mop a 30 day tryout.

It arrived Thursday, and I decided to send it right into the battle. I tried it out in the utility room first. It is a while tiled room a silly tile choice for a utility room. A room with a doggy door, a washer and dryer and my planting sink. The dogs and I bring in mud from outside, dirty laundry some times sits on the floor. It's where the dogs emergency papers are for those mid night emergency poops. Sweeping or vacuuming the floor gets up the loose dirt, but does nothing about the ground in dirt.

I should have taken a before and after picture, one showing the amount of dirt on the floor, and a second showing nothing but floor.

Using the H20 mop is easy enough, just fill the water reservoir, plug it in and wait until the water is hot. The light on the mop will turn from red to green when it is ready to use. Grab the handle and start shooting steam through the pad. Up comes the dirt, and the humidity in the room.

Yes using pure steam to clean is going to knock you for a loop, make your hair fuzzy and clean the dirt out of your floor. I tried taking before and after pictures, but the before are so depressing. How could I let my floor get that dirty.

After, the floor is so clean you can't see a thing. Well seconds later when I opened to door you could see muddy dog footprints. For a few short seconds, I basked in the glory of having a clean clean floor.

The mop does have a learning curve, hold the mop in one place for to long, a tiny layer of water will be left on the floor. The thick washable mop covers are better for cleaning larger areas, as the paper disposible mop heads get covered with dirt quickly. Or at least they do if your like me and use them on a floor that gets mopped only when hell is about to freeze over.

Both units are easy to use, just remember to remove the cleaning pad when your done, drain any remaining water, and hang the mop to it can dry.

So ya, I found an amazing cleaning product. One that cleans my house without the use of chemicals. Tuesday, is the big test, cleaning animal cages. They should be cleaned sooner, but tomorrow is Dame Edna, and Monday is the Marathon.


  1. Well, I am in love with Zout. It does the same thing as Shout, only way better.

  2. Have to keep my eye out for that one


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