Thursday, May 28, 2009

Massachusetts free food days

- Provided you are really open about your idea of what 'food' is. The beginning of June is going to be a very fun day. First on June 5th Dunkin is holding free donut day. It's not completely free, you have to purchase a small drink to get the donut. Oddly the give away is noted as lasting 'as supplies last' what ever that means. Are they only giving away certain donuts? Or since so few stores make the donuts any more does Dunkin expect stores to run out?
Free Donut Day

The very next day Saturday June 6th from noon to five, Friendlies will do their part to ruin bathing suit season by giving away free ice cream. Instead of the oddly WSL, Friendlies has given us a time table. The give away starts right at noon and ends at five. If that means people in line at five will still get ice cream is unknown.

Free Ice Cream Day

Any more free food days coming up?

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