Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New equipment

I got a small microwave!!!! Oh man you don't know how much I missed the taste of microwaved popcorn. Heck any popcorn, since my air popper broke, all I have is microwaved.

Yup, my disability check arrived this morning, and I spent it this afternoon. Not all on me, well um if you count the gas and electric bills. But it went fast. I bought the microwave oven, and a few needed things. Two pretty beach towels. I don't know why, but winter the ones I have grow legs and move out. How is it that every winter beach towels manage to sneak out of the house?

I also grabbed a couple of funky sweaters. The ones with the fronts slightly longer than the backs so you can tie them up or throw them over your shoulders. I have two from the first year they hit, one orange one green. So a brown/gray and a dark green one work well with my wardrobe. I also got a pair of shorts that were on sale. I should have tried them on, they are a bit tight and give me a case of camel toe. Can't decide if I should bring them back, or just keep loosing weight. Says the woman who just ate a bowl of microwaved popcorn and is now eating potato chips.

I have a couple of pairs of shorts that the elastic has died on. Sadly they are nice shorts. Kinda wonder if it is possible to pull out the old elastic and put in new ones. Or find a way to give the shorts a draw string waist band. I don't know, I really like the shorts, and they have a matching top.

Funny thing that, I am not overly fond of the top, but I love the shorts. Any one got any ideas??

The puppies got a nice meal, their favorite canned dog food. Now they are both sleeping, the two things that dogs do best. Don't know why, but Drumstick was sleeping in front of the door for a while, then moved back to his favorite chair.

Oh well, back to me. I also got the 3 Star Trek Barbie dolls. I'll post pictures later on.

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