Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home from Whidden Hospital

Last week was a bit more than I could handle. You know how I can tell. I ended up in the hospital.


So on Saturday, I became overheated, I think I messed up my meds as well, but either way, I started sweating, feel cold and clammy and started twitching. I tried to walk, and instead fell over and had a seizure. I laid on the living room floor for a second trying to catch my breath. Byron and Drumstick came over and sat on either side of me, licking me and keeping me from freaking out.

I got up to my knees and made it to the couch, still feeling really bad, dripping sweat and shivering at the same time. Byron nudged the phone to me and I called 911.


That was Saturday, I was at the hospital until this morning. I need to give some shoutouts to the amazing doctors and nurses at Whidden Memorial Hospital . They were all great to me, made me feel better and never made me feel as if I was just a patient. They took time from their busy day to help me get better. Yes I know as doctor's and nurses and nursing assistants that is their job. I have been at hospitals where I know all of that is their job. At Whidden, it was more than their job.

They were there to make me feel human again. Even the transport people made me smile. And stayed with me. The nurses did not only come when I pressed the button. If I was quiet for to long, they stuck their heads in.

Glenn brought my computer over, and the unit secretary came down to help me set it up. When I started trying to walk yesterday she even walked with me for a bit. As did the CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant). I never felt pressure to get better the way I did at Mount Auburn. There the doctor was ready to release me from the hospital while my surgical scar was still bleeding! Here, I had to be ready to care for myself before I was allowed out of their sight. I should have had my surgery at Whidden instead. True I would have had to change doctors, but the idea of not being given the bums rush suits me.

It suits everyone. I think I would have recovered better from the hysterectomy if I had been allowed to stay in the hospital for a few more days. I was still on a heart monitor at Whidden when I had been shown the door at Mount Auburn.

Ya, I know what my hospital of choice will be in the future. One that apparently does not do driveby anythings.

Ya, gotta love a real healing hospital. Lets support it.

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  1. I'm sorry you went through that and I'm glad you're back. of course i missed you, don't be silly.


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