Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MBTA time trial - where I am to nice to really make this work

Since the car is having break problems, I have been riding the T more and more. I was truly missing the SO on Monday and decided to take the T out to see him. I have made the drive from just about Wonderland to Oak Square in Brighton many times. Depending on the time of day the trip can take anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour. Going into the city is always faster than getting out. Getting out of the city is always over an hour.

At least some of that is from my use of Storrow Drive and the Tobin Bridge. The east bound side of Storrow is being worked on, so using it means delays. The same problem exists on the Northbound (underside) of the Tobin Bridge. There are only so many ways to cross the Mystic River, either over the toll bridge, or through Chelsea. I recommend neither.

Monday I decided to take the T, and with the idea of blogging about it, decided to time myself. A quick check on MBTA gave me two options to reach Oak Square, each taking ninety minutes. I walked the two blocks to Wonderland train station, taking my time enjoying the beach. There have not been a lot of good beach days this summer, I wanted to enjoy this one.

Arrived at the station just before 1pm, and waited a few minutes for a train to arrive. Mid day is slow on the blue line, the perfect time for tourists to arrive. I saw a family of 4 looking at the T map and trying to figure out where they needed to transfer to reach Fenway Park. I offered to help, as I always do, figuring since they were looking for a connection to a green line train that we were going just about the same way.

I started talking about my city, and all the wonderful things to see here. They were down for the day, planning on taking a tour of Fenway Park. Had a great time telling tales of the city, and I hope I convinced them to do a little bit more touring than just seeing Fenway Park. Really, while Fenway Park is the heart of the city, USS Constution is our soul.

We traveled into Government Center, and waited for a green line train. Here is where I fell down on timeing the T. Because the first train to arrive was almost full, I decided to wait for a train that had more room so the kids to get seats. Had to wait for two other trains to pass through before we found one that had space for all of us.

I got off the train with them and walked over to Fenway park, we had fun talking about Kenmore Square and Fenway Park. As I was walking back to the station to pick up the 57 bus I went past a family doing the old quarter search at the parking meeter. I traded them 8 quarters for two dollars and headed to the bus stop.

The trip to Oak Square was unevenful, and even with my delays the entire trip was only 75 minutes. It makes me wonder if traveling by T to his house would be eaiser in the future.

The trip back was much about the same, coming in at 68 minutes.

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