Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just a really funny book

I love comedy, nothing makes me forget my pain faster than watching a comedian tell a funny story. As long as they are not stringing profanity together, well I'll sit and watch. One of my favorite comenians is Bill Engvall, one of the guys best known as a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour Funny guy that Bill Engvall

Yesterday I ran a few errands, stopped by the Dollar Store to grab some writing supplies. The store also has a book section. Not just coloring book, but hardcover books, books that are at large book stores for full price. Here at the Dollar Store, well just a dollar will do. Walking down the row I was surprised to see a book by one of my favorite funny men. I thought Bill would see the humor in my getting a book by him at the Dollar store, it was almost like I had to get it.

I already follow his twitter feed Bill Engvall and I'm a fan on his facebook page Bill Engvall on Facebook

The book is a short autobiography, not quite 250 pages, where he shares what it was like to grow up in a small Texas town. His early love of baseball (he is an Angels fan) the pain of his parents divorce, all of it just out there. Pretty brave, and deep for a guy who calls himself "Just a guy". Funny very funny, as he shares the lessons he learned from life, and the breaks he has had, both good and bad on his way to becoming The Bill Engvall. He is a great story teller, sharing the good the bad and the dumb things he has done in his life. The book reads as less a tell all, than a let me tell you. Had so much fun reading it I was sad to put it down when I finished it. He still has a lot of funny stories to tell, so I hope he writes more soon. Bill has a blog, there is a link to it on his web page but he does not write in it anymore. Makes me sad, because he is such a funy story teller. I could listen to Bill tell the same jokes, or several new ones every day. His humor is just that fresh and funny.

Can't guarantee you will find a copy of his book at the Dollar Store like I did. I do feel comfortable saying that where ever you get this book , it will be an enjoyable read. Keep it some where it can be grabbed on a sad or dreary day. It will not solve your problems, or change the weather patterns, just make you feel a little bit better.

Just one complaint Bill, not a single picture. I know your proud of yourself for writing a book, but couldn't you have included a single picture of your self? I would not have thought less of you if you had. The book rocks, I hope you travel to Boston soon.

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