Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ode to a quiet Saturday

My neighborhood is so quiet today. My neighbors work hard all week. So today is their one day a week to do nothing. Not to do yard work, not to work on cars, not to repair their homes. But to do nothing.

Dogs are not being walked, laundry is not being done. And since it is coldish out, in the mid 70's there are very few people walking to the beach. So the road is quiet. This day is cool, cool enough so that for the first time this week, all the air conditioners are just boxes in the windows. A light breeze plays with the trees, not strong enough to turn the leaves or threaten rain, but enough to rustle the grass and keep the birds and squirrels hidden away.

In general, the entire house is lazy today. Byron, the dog, simply moves from sleeping spot to sleeping spot, more effort spent on getting comfortable, in following the sun. Even the Guinea Pig has decided to sleep the day away. He is all stretched out in his pen, a bit of grass in his mouth, asleep in mid chew. The birds, all four, are sweetly whispering to each other, pulling a head out from under a wing, chirping to each other, then tucking their heads back under. Happily the entire flock has been located, and they can go off guard duty. I am never sure why one bird must always stay on guard. But, they do...

A laziness has taken me as well, I should be outside mowing the lawn, or clipping back the shrubs, after all, I have a job that does not strain my body, but my brain. So my body is not in need of rest, but I've not taken a shower, my pj's are still on, and as far as I can tell, this day is going to be a wash. At best, if I ever do take that shower, I might change my nail polish.

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  1. Hope you're having a nice relaxing time. And that you had a great birthday. Jeff and I are out of town so we couldn't get over but we were thinking of you. :-)


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