Friday, October 09, 2009

First day of Albacon

Albacon is a cool little con in Albany New York.  Click on the convention name and jump to the web page. I'll be here until about 10am on Sunday, so if your around I would love to meet up. 

Today has been a fun, and slightly tiring day.  First day of a convention and all that.  Took part in a panel about mythology. I am more of a modern mythologist. Looking at the myths we write ourselves, and myth as memory.  Things that we all know, and repeat as fact, that might have grown a bit in the telling.   Not our personal stories, but the things we think we know from history. 

I consider George Washington toss a coin over the Patomic River to be a modern myth.  We also like to create myths around our heroes. Be they good myths, or bad.  Heck, wrestling thrives on making gods and goddesses out of ordinary people. 

The hotel has free wifi, and while I was speaking about a story in my past that has reached mythical status, someone was able to google me.  He came up to me after the panel to let me know, which was a bit creepy. But, he wanted to hear the entire myth, not just the part I mentioned. 

Going to a panel at 6, love the free wifi so I can update right from my room.  Brought my camera, sadly I did not bring the wire to down load my pictures.  Hope to borrow a wire later tonight. 

Got a good laugh this morning, I was on twitter doing a search for mentions of Albacon.  Figured if I saw something good I would retweet it.  Saw a comment from cat johnson mentioning she had missed her morning coffee.  So I responded that I had a pot at registration and would save her a cup.  Had a great laugh, and took a picture of her with a cup of coffee later.

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