Monday, December 21, 2009

From Twitter 12-20-2009

Watching the news all about the terrible snow. Except I live on the beach, got a dusting here. Will post pictures later today.
Watching all the local stations having hissy fits about falling snow. Look it's snow, snow snow. Just open a beer and wait till it melts
The best part of the snow. Anthony came over to shovel my driveway! I got Anthony time. I miss my rental kids.
Only got about 8 inches of snow, the ocean steals most of it away before it hits the ground. It's good for shoveling, not good for playing
Updating my garmin and powering up my handheld. What else to do on a snowy Sunday but sit under a blanket and play with computer
Darn I lost the instructions for my endoscopy test. Forgot if I can still eat chocolate today. I drink that awful liquid tomorrow YUCK!
Watching the Incredibles, Delaying eating my soup until later, so when I can't eat or two days I wont feel it as bad.
This is an awsum article from the Globe When christmas was a riot. Got to get the book it mentions

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