Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From Twitter 12-28-2009

Well got that finally down loaded. Writing is hard, Going to read it again in the am and see if it is still golden or turned to crap
Running a fever again. stupid #lupus is going to drive me mad. Joint painn at an 11. Wish I had some thing good to say for a change
Listening to the rain pour down. Taking my energy right down with it. Just watching movies today
Time for a nap.
Woke up and ate a bit of rice pudding, RP heals all ills. And makes a nice base for medications. Some day I want to have energy & a life
Dinner is staying down. not without complaints however. Please dinner stay down
I have the munchies. It has been ages since I have wanted to eat, much less eat junk food. Never been so happy to crave salt in my life

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