Friday, January 22, 2010

From Twitter 01-21-2010

Just posted - funny things my dad sent me, because I still don't feel well enough to create content of my own.
Got a laugh today, told room mate we had to conserve and he thought that means stop cooking at home and eat out more. AH NO
My fingers hurt so much today that I had to take off both my rings and put them back on my necklace chain. Which makes my neck hurt
Time to take my mid day baclofin and rest for a bit. Darn I so hate my #lupus. I want to be a real person again some day soon.
Kitty is sitting on my shoulder and encouraging Byron to kiss her. All the while I am trying to use the computer, need camera
Not super crazy about #30 Rock tonight. Chet and Natalie jokes are so 1980.
Hey #30 Rock just gave me a Kelly's reference. Not good enough for me to forgive that bad Southie accent.

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