Friday, January 29, 2010

From Twitter 01-28-2010

Had a bit of a shouting match with the room mates. I want to know what time they are returning, they think I am setting a curfew.
Just woke up from my pain med induced nap. I should be reinstalling the wireless, but I don't want to. House is quiet I just want to play
Watched Jay Leno on Oprah, Still not sure if this was a good idea. Not that any of the people who hate him watched him in the first place
I makes a silly picture URL: on that will buff out. Go vote me on to the front page please
This fast moving weather system is sending my lupus into a quick flair. Stupid lupus & stupid weather make Jan a very unhappy girl.
Watching #The Office, Michael Scott is making me love him today.

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