Saturday, February 13, 2010

From Twitter 02-12-2010

It was not the best kind of sleep, but at least it was mostly sleep. Woke up once at 3, tossed & turned for a bit
Skipped going to Fenway to watch the truck leave .Just could not get over the morning pain hump in time. At least I can move my hands
Just checked my bank account I have all of 3 dollars and 56 cents. Guess I will not be doing anything this weekend. I hate living like this!
Changed my blog layout with new program Artisteer. Let me know what you thing of it. Please I need to know
Darn, suddenly to tired to keep my eyes open anther second. Lupus you drive me nuts some days. time to take my medications. and zonk out
Watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. I watch this and the closing event. Ignore the rest of the games
Loving the opening of the Winter Olympics. Amazing use of animation, draps and wire work. Mind blowing wire work

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