Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visit to a used book store

Picked up Badger yesterday and gave her a great birthday present. An empty bag, with a note in it. The note said "FILL ME" Then I bundled her into the car and off we went to a used book store. The discount store is part of a chain. Used Book super store It's the book selling arm of got books. The place that took all my donated books back in November.

We had to get a wheel chair for her, I tried to push her around a bit, but ended up in a lot of pain myself.  I worry about her weight gain.  After that we went to Mount Vernon Restaurant for dinner.  I bought ten books myself, all books I did not have before.

Surgery on my knee tomorrow at 10:30 am.  Roommate is going to drive me over and then bring me home.  Will be stuck in bed for about a week, then crutches for at least a month after that. I have to stop eating and drinking after 10pm. Should be easy enough to do. Plan on going to bed right after American Dad ends. 

Have a good day everyone, I'l ping in when I get back from the hospital.

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