Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well finally realized I could take a cast photo from the laptop.  Not as cool as using the camera, but easier to  put on the page.

I get to take the cast and bandages off today and take a bath.  Can't wait to see what the knee looks like.

I wonder if I can get my doc to supply me with this level of pain killers on a regular basis. I have zero pain every where except my knee. Which I can keep at a 2 to 4 with careful applications of ice and keeping off my leg.

Other than going to the bathroom, I have not left the bed since my return on Monday night. Did not even go down stairs to watch LOST last night.  First one I have missed in six years. Well TIVO got it for me.  And I think it will be on HULU and ABC by noon today.  SO I can watch it from here.

Room mates are out today, S has to work, and M has a court date. She had her identity stolen and has to prove to the court that she is not the person who used her identification to cash phony business checks. 

Once she gets back I will have her drive me to the bank (still can't really do the bendy knee thing) and then get the important bills paid.

Going to try to get down stairs later today and scan the pictures Dr. Van Drek took of my knee cap.  It looks like pre shredded shredded wheat, only it's bone.  Weird to think that if I had done something about my frequent knee pain years ago I would not be in this situation now.

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