Monday, March 01, 2010

If the shoe no longer fits, should I replace it?

I noticed a few days ago that I was walking differently than I had for the last -redacted- years.  My right foot, long a problem due to my crappy knee turned out. Pronate I think it's called.  Well now it's walking correctly, both my feet face forward

I have a huge shoe collection. My feet have not changed size and I love shoes. Hence the problem. I have worn three shoes this week, and each time I put them on I have to check and make sure my shoes are on the correct feet.  My right foot feels like I put on my left shoe. When I do confirm I have my right shoe on my right foot, my pinki toe feels cramped.  And my big toe feels lost. 

I know it will just take a little while for my shoes to start to wear in this new proper pattern. And one I get past the strange feeling and the hyper awareness of having a working knee this will pass. 

Which is why I am blogging about it.  Because other than the repair on my broken (right) arm, no surgery I have ever had has changed my life this much. I want to remember this feeling.  The broken arm went from good to bad to repaired. I have had this bad knee for so long I don't remember a time when it did not hurt.

It is going to take me a bit of time to get over the joy of having a working knee. 

I have a working knee!!  Now if I could just get the rest of my body on line. Do something about my masterful case of the stupids. I could make something of my self.  

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