Sunday, April 18, 2010

From Twitter 04-17-2010

Looking out the window on a sad rainy day. LIstening to the radio, feeling a little bit better, not a lot, just a little.
Just got back from Picklepot. Did not get any beads, but Byron and I had a wonderful time anyway. He got some yummy dog treats 4 being good
Your laptop could detect the next earthquake. I'm going to install the program myself. Just in case of a Boston quake
Purrball has been super interested & active today. She curled up on my shoulder & slept for a while. But neighbors opening doors scared her
Time for SNL. Wonder if there will be McGrubers tonight.
When they don't let the host do a monologue you know it's going to be a bad show, I give it 4 MacGrubers tonight
Never heard of the singer on SNL tonight, but she is not even trying to sing along with her tape.

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