Saturday, April 24, 2010

The live journal question of the day was about local food. What kind of food would you serve to some one who was visiting and wanted to know about the local food and culture. I had so much fun putting together a menu for this visiting stranger, that I decided to share it with my other blogs as well.

As Julia Child would say B
Bon App├ętit!

Well I'm from Boston, so we would be taking a tour of all my favorite places, and eating some of my favorite foods.

We would start with

Boston baked beans

New England Brown bread

We would have to have chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the day to keep us going.

Parker house rolls


Whole bellied fried clams & a good clam chowder - most likely from the No name

For dessert,
Brighams Ice Cream

followed by

Boston cream pie

or"> Charles River pie

During the day we would also snack on The other kind of Boston baked beans or perhaps Necco wafers

During the day we would be drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, and at the end of the day settle down with a pint of Sam Adams, or something special from The Boston Beer works. But that kind of depends on wither or not the Red Sox are playing.

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