Saturday, May 22, 2010

From Twitter 05-21-2010

I have been doing a bit of picking up, now joint pain is sneaking up on me. Taking a quick med break. Don't want to run out of spoons
ARG! One of my neighbors is in the court yard blaring his radio. All Elvis all the time. I HATE Elvis, and I can hear it with shut window!
Feeling very accomplished, I assembled one of the tall wide billy book cases all by my self. Byron has rewarded me with many kisses! j
I just called my parents to say I love you, but the #Red Sox are driving me mad! Had a good laugh gotta visit them soon.
I come by my geek dom honestly. My parents and I both turned off the game and are watching How It's Made. Hopeless I know just hopeless
Jay Leno and his crew put together the best short summary of LOST I have ever seen! If your not watching now, watch it on Hulu later
Colored my hair tonight, color came out a bit darker than I expected. Hope when I wash it tomorrow the color sets lighter.

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