Tuesday, June 01, 2010

From Twitter 05-31-2010

Well I am up and on the chair. Stil a bit stiffer than I like to be. Just gonna be a slow day I guess. I'm good with slow days
Had to clear an unwanted yahoo up date from the que. lessen learned don't let friends check their yahoo mail on a pc you like to use.
Just walked to the beach. The smoke from Quebec is so bad I can't see Winthrop. So there is an upside to the fire.
LOST is over Chuck just finished, no Red Sox baseball game. I'm at a loss at what I should do tonight, suggestions welcome
Wonder what is up with face book, have not been able to get on since this morning. Annoying just annoying.
I forgot it was quit facebook day. Good thing facebook quit on me first. Have not been able to get on for most of the day. I blame BP
Even Jay Leno is a repeat tonight. TV you have failed me!

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