Monday, June 14, 2010

My fun and busy day

Spent the day with the taller half.  He gave me the courage to drive down Arcadia again and look at what has happened to my house.  Made me sad, and I would not have done it with out his encouragement.  We went to the Revere flea market, so I could look for a cheap but sturdy rug. Found a nice one for 40 dollars. Not going to put it up until after the spraying is done on Wednesday.

He is going to come by tomorrow to help me move stuff out. He suggested taking down the air vents and vacuuming them out. Then sticking moth balls up there to prevent an infestation. I looked at some of the insect sprays at the store and did not see anything that would attack bedbugs.   Darn it.

Tomorrow I am going to call the people who make my sleep number bed, I want to find out if I should pull up the air pillows and spray the inside of the bed.  It's kind of hard to explain how this bed is made, unless you have one.  Well maybe not, it's two air mattresses sandwiched between two layers of foam.  There are stronger foam pieces on the sides of the bed to form the mattress shape.

Watched True Blood and Breaking Bad tonight. No reviews until morning.

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