Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Random thoughts on Twilight

Because I can't figure out how to embed this video...

Just think how we would feel if the roles were reversed and it was TwiDads screaming for Bella. It scares me that Edward'a behavior in the book is being held up as proof that he loves her. Ya if I was dating a guy who spent the night in a tree outside of my window watching me sleep, and demanded to know where I was every second of the day I was not with him,is a good boy friend.

I believe the proper term is stalker. Abusive controlling stalker. And I still wonder just how perfect he could be since it has taken him 76 years or so to get to high school.

I liked high school and still could not wait to get out. Who goes back each year to the same teachers, the same classes. Sounds like in Myers world being a vampire is the dullest thing ever!

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