Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lord Byron is and Lord Byron will be popular in Korea

Took Byron for his was a little later than normal today.  I had been on the phone with T for almost two hours, and wanted to get over to CVS to pick up my medication.  Byron was willing to wait for that, but as soon as I walked in he started the pee pee dance.  Something about me walking in the door with a DD ice coffee makes him think bathroom.  So while my Wally the Green Monster coolatta is now a cold green cool-aid. Byron is feeling pretty happy.

I figured it was late and the weather was crappy so I left the camera behind. I started to regret that pretty quickly.  The park was full of people, including the first burka wearing woman I have ever seen on the beach.  Man all I could think of was how hot that outfit looked.  She was walking behind a guy who was wearing a mesh t-shirt, baggy shorts and flip flops. She was looking at his feet, saying not a words and almost sliding her black shoe, black sock completely covered body along the sidewalk.  The only word that came to mind was minion. He never even looked back to make sure she was keeping up. He would walk faster and she had to start shuffling faster to keep up. 

I was sweltering in jean short and a t-shirt. I could see a lot of people wince as they walked by. It was like we were watching a parent abuse a child, but could not step in to rescue her.

But, now to the real reason you read this blog. Byron news.

Okay so after we saw the twosome above walk by.  There was a tour bus at the beach.  A bus load of Korean tourists were looking at the sand castles and taking pictures of each other besides the Revere Beach sign.  Then three young woman (I'm guessing collage age) saw Byron.  They squeeed in joy.  Running over to pet him, and take their picture with him.  Like I said, wish I had  brought the camera because I could have made an entire new face book album just of the new friends he meet today.   I asked where they were from, which is how I discovered they were from Korea.  I explained Byron's breed  Keeshound and his name, after  Lord Byron   I ended up just sitting on a bench with Byron while person after person sat on the other side of him.  It must be what life is like if your Lindsey Lohan's handler. I doubt I will be much more than a hand resting on Lord Byron's butt in the scrapbooks of their Boston vacation. 

And I'm as giddy as a little kid myself, because for the first time in a long while CVS had the one and a half pound bag of flavor mix tootsie rolls.  I'm a sucker for flavored  tootsie rolls.

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