Monday, July 05, 2010

Things I'm thinking of

Spent most of the day going through the books that were donated to the building's library.  Hope the people who borrow books from the library return them so other people can read them. I  wonder if it would cost a lot of money to order a stamp that says "Property of Hyman Towers Library"  Kind of like the stamp that I see on library books I borrow from the library.

I could use one of those for my library books as  well.  Maybe those and a few nice book plates. Gotta think this one through. 

I also need to make new calling cards, and maybe work on a web page.

Is the World Cup over yet? I started writing what I thought was a cute article on why American's are ignoring the World Cup.  I had an entire list, bunch of comparisons.  Then I got bored with writing it, that is how boring soccer is to me.

I think leaning back and doing nothing might win.

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