Monday, July 26, 2010

To the cyclist who almost hit ME tonight!

To the young woman, who if she continues to ride her bike like that, will not become an old woman. I saw you tonight and your lucky I did.  Riding after 11:30 pm, no bike light, no helmet, short  dress. I bet the dress looks nice on you when you tie up the back.  Not so great an idea when they are flapping around your rear tire.  

And those flip flops,  wrong wrong wrong for riding a bicycle, no matter what time of year it is closed toe lace up shoes are a must! 

So there I was, just turning off of Storrow Drive on to Charlesgate west, just beyond Back Street and  just blocks from  Kenmore Square. Storrow Drive being closed again for some unknown reason.  You racing down Beacon Street toward Bay State Road as if the ghosts of student loans past where out for your skin.

I'm sure it's not the first time you have blown through a red light. Your lucky I'm a cyclist myself,  that I caught you movement through the intersection and realized you were a person, and not a newspaper blowing in the wind.  Past that police car on Charlesgate East, under the bridge picking up speed.  No apparent concern for the other vehicles you share the road with.   Yes I SAID SHARE!!

You jumped a bit in your seat as I slammed on my brakes, that big truck, with the bright headlights, that I refuse to believe you did not see.  The one that had a green light allowing it to turn right. The one you almost entered yourself.   I hope you were I bit scared, I know I was.  I  hope you were scared enough to stop running red lights.  To realize even at your young age, that your not indestructible. That your actions have consequences. 

I would like to meet you some day, purchase you a bike helmet, proper cycling shoes. Share with you the wisdom gained by several years of cycling.  From the mountains of Vermont to the side of the Erie Canal.  I have most likely cycled longer than you have lived.  I am willing to bet my dear dear street bike, with it's 27 inch tires and friction shifters is older than you your self. 

Older than you just might be if you continue to ride that THAT.

So here is the deal.  I left off a few things a couple of very descriptive things.  If you are that cyclist, or know that cyclist, email me a picture of her wearing the very same dress you wore tonight.  I will meet you at Olympia Sports and give you a bike helmet and bike shoes.  Or if you can afford those things and just choose not to,  I would like to hear that directly from you.

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