Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tossing out a few questions - looking for answers

Been doing a lot of reading lately. Considering between my book store run and Readercon I have multiple stacks of books in my to read pile.  Plus I wanted to pull out a couple of books that have sadly gone out of print, but might be reissued in a different format. Kind of get myself back into that world while I wait for the new stuff.

Between the reading, Warehouse 13 - The coolest show your not watching, and the Red Sox on a trip to the west coast well not much is getting done.  Some one remind me I need to go grocery shopping soon. 

I do have a series of questions I have been wondering about.

-- I have become friends with some wonderful amazing writers thank to science fiction conventions, and my general chattiness.  Having Byron around helps a lot.  If you are a fan of a writer it is excepted that you will want to get them to sign their books for you.  But, if you become a friend is it still okay to ask them to autograph your book? 

-- If you become a friend first, it is almost mandatory that you purchase their books, but do you also ASK for an autograph?  Do you purchase the book from the writer? Or from a book store to encourage the publisher and book store to increase the stock? 

--Do you take books out of your own collection and ask for an autograph, or do you purchase a new book?

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