Saturday, August 28, 2010

Byron has a sad

I am not so exciting myself today. After having trouble falling asleep last night I ended up sleeping until T woke me up at 2 pm. So much for attending the MMA fan frenzy.

Byron was looking at his food dish and whining. Like he was in pain or something. I went to feed the cat and Byron followed me around. Lots of big sighs later he settled down to sleep. He does not have any visible problems, now he is just sleeping.

Speaking of dogs, I wonder if dog breed and owners lifestyle

This might be of interest to any one with a dead pool turn your empty pool into a greenhouse

In case any body has a hard to shop for geek on their holiday list. I heartlly recommend Neat o rama shop Don't bother buying me Michelle Obama dress up doll because I already plan on getting it for myself.

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