Sunday, August 22, 2010

Medical id card and me

When I went to CVS yesterday and picked up my medications. While I was checking out I saw a small credit card shaped USB. The USB clicks out of the plastic card and comes with a pre installed medical record inventory. Everything from doctors information to my medication list. I was able to list not just my prescription medications but the over the counter supplements as well.

It was easy to fill out, it took me longer to put together my list of doctors than it did to fill out the information. medical ID card It will just make my life a little easier in case anything happens to me.

Been a stressful weekend in other ways. I am out of my mental acquity medication Namenda . The thing that Namenda does for me is help me retain information. Without it every time I close a book I forget what I have read so far. It makes it hard to think to concentrate on the simplest things. I have to contact my doctor tomorrow and beg her to renew my subscription. I can't get her to understand that I need to be mentally sharp. I don't know if her other patients don't care that they can't retain information. Maybe most people's reading level is just above TV Guide and slightly lower than Newsweek magazine.

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