Wednesday, August 04, 2010

This has been a rotten week so far

So this is how my week started Hartford Distributor shootings 

From there it only got worse as T is sick. I have been over his house trying to get him to eat something (and hold it down) Wish I could just drag him to a doctor's office. He is not sick enough for an emergency room visit.  Part of me wants to just make him an appointment with my doctor and see if she can help him out. 

Still got a fridge full of KFC that he could not eat.  And he loves KFC, like a Cartman level love of KFC! 

So it's already Wednesday and I am just digging myself out of a rut.  Going to watch the game for a bit, before I jump off to watch yesterday's    Warehouse 13 and today's  Hot in Cleveland

I have a couple of books I should be reading and reviewing. If my brain worked that is.

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  1. I'm sorry your having such a crappy week already. Maybe it'll get better on the hump side eh? Tazzy


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