Monday, September 20, 2010

Fire stone tire store you are so nice to me

Last month I got new tires on my car. Did not have enough to flat out pay for them, so I went through their credit department. On Saturday my first bill arrived. As forwarded mail.

Yes despite not living on Arcadia Street, and not giving them that old address when I applied. Still that is where the bill was mailed. By the time the bill arrived, I was already late on my payment!!

So I brought the bill right back to the store where I got my tires and tried to get the address corrected and the late fee removed. I was successful in both. The store manager called their credit department. I had brought the bill with me and when the credit department said they had not messed up my bill he was able to say "Yes you did, I have the bill in my hand!" After a back and forth with customer service he let me know that the late fee was going to be cleared from my bill. I was then able to hand him the cash to pay the remainder of my bill.

That felt really good.

When the manager handed me my change, I flipped over the two quarters to see if they were any of the state quarter I still need to fill out my collection. When I said that I was looking at the quarters for, he turned around and dumped ALL the quarters in the cash draw on the counter. Like the goofy coin collecting nerd I am, I looked at every quarter. I did not find any of the quarters I still need ** Florida, Oregon, Colorado, South Dakota and Montana.

I did fine a bicentennial quarter. It made my day! Yup I'm a cheap date.

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