Monday, September 06, 2010

Namenda how much do I love you

I have been doing a lot of reading once I got my prescription for Namenda back. I have rolled through all the Southern Vampire books -Sookie Stackhouse.

Spent some time reading up on my favorite subject history in the city of Boston. First I read an old favorite, one I had read as a library book, but was lucky enough to find in a used book store "John Adams" by David McCullough. I also grabbed a paper back copy of "The Boston Italians" by Stephen Puleo. I love his writing and have enjoyed his work. Enjoyed it so much that I purchased "A City so Grand" in hardcover rather than waiting or it to go into paper back. Going to keep my eyes open for his first book "A Dark Tide" which is about the Molasses flood in the North End.

He is a local author, lives in the Boston area. I wonder if he has a web page or a blog? Or maybe does anyone know him, I would love to meet him??? Such a fan girl some times. Except I don't go gaga over singers or actors, I turn into an idiot fan girl over writers. I like fiction writers, get silly around a few. Introduce me to a person who writes about history, ya I'm a puddle.

I'm also reading "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser, with "Lincoln & Douglas" by Allen Guelzo.

Listening to something scary on the BBC. Apparently Mongolia is seeing a rise in Neo Nazism. Hum, the radio is starting to get static again. I wish I had a better radio one that had a digital dial. This one has a wheel to dial in the station, and it never gets right on the signal. It fades in and out all day. Annoying that.

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