Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I'm reading about today

Been surfing the web for most of the day. Not really a productive thing to do when I should be working on my three minute fiction
contest entry since it is due tomorrow. Since one of the rules of the contest is that the story can not have been posted or published any where prior to being entered into the contest, I will not be posting any of my entries until the contest ends.

Even at 600 words, I am having trouble getting the thing to flow the way I want it to. So instead of writing, I'm surfing.

Since I have not flown in a while, reading about this flying machine flying the blackbird is making me wish I could have taken a ride in one of them. I have seen a few blackbirds at museums. Seeing one fly must have been amazing. I remember hearing a few sonic booms as a kid.

While I am much more of a Star Trek fan than Star Wars, the amazing story behind the development of the game changing movie that was Star Wars interests me. So this article about the creation of Chewbacca is interesting. The writer suggests George Lucas stole the idea of Chewbacca. Reading the article, I thing he did not steal the idea as much as he and his concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, put together several separate ideas that became Chewbacca.

Still can't decide if I want to watch Shit my dad says. According to this article the average DVR can't find F#*% my dad says Has any one decided if they are going to watch this show?

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