Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Basically I'm just your basic ten year old

Went over to Target today to get a new lamp shade. Purrball had attacked one of the lamps and while she did not break the bulb, she did trash the shade. I saw a nice group of four slightly pink shades and decided to get the set.

While I was in the store I looked for a few more things I needed. Like a scraper so I can get the horrid wall paper glued on to the window in my door off. While I was there I walked through the toy department. Just to check out the new dolls and see what was around for toys. I found a Fisher Price View Master display! Not just the basic old style five dollar viewer, but a new viewer that reads the captions. I looked at the massive View Master lovingly but put it down. Instead I grabbed the five dollar viewer and a small stack of reels. A group of three Barbie reels (cause it's Barbie) and some nature reels.

I don't see in 3-D, between the astigmatism in my left eye and the slightly off center view - lazy eye - of my right eye. so looking at the view master reels is the only way I see something in 3D.

Swung by the shoe department to look at boots. I have been looking at something in a short boot, no need for a heel just something I can zip in and out of. Since my feet are so small (I wear a size 5 shoe) I went to the kids section first. Some times big shoe stores will have woman's shoes in size five, in department stores I end up in the kids section. Found a cute pair of boots with a short zipper, I tried them on and they fit great.

As I was walking up to the cash register I saw a display of School House Rock! The 30th Anniversary edition. Well I just HAD to have it! So basically I'm ten, I wear kids shoes, buy stuff for kids and in general act like a kid.

Was thinking about going over to hang out with Tom, but I have eleven new books to read and don't really feel like driving a half hour to watch tv. If I am going to do nothing, I can do nothing cheaper here at home. Oh shoot, I just realized I forgot to get a hand mixer and purchase dog treats for Byron. Darn it, gotta go back to the store.

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