Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Twitter 10-25-2010

Walked the dog fed the pets took my morning meds hope the day does not turn out as rainy and cold as the weather report said it would
Animals are driving me nuts today Playing with each other & making the house a mess with their hijinks
I have the heat OFF and a fan going the apartment is 81 degrees. How high do my neighbors have their heat on that my apartment is 81!
Feeling the urge to take a quick nap Gonna lie down for no longer than 90 minutes Setting an alarm to make sure of that
Should I watch the debate tonight, or just put my head under a pillow and wish it all away? Can I vote for none of the above?
Writer's Block: Above and beyond http://j.mp/ccJLXo
Ya time for another episode of #Chuck
Way to go #Chuck just had another nerdgasim based on next weeks guest star

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