Saturday, October 16, 2010

I life filled with to many books

I have not even started on the pile of new books I got at Albacon but could not let an event like Boston Book Festival pass me by. I brought Byron with me figuring that he could handle an event of that size. He and I have wandered around Boston before, but this was our first "event" He did not enjoy himself. Not one bit. There were to many people, to much noise to many people grabbing at him (without asking). There was a booth that allowed people to pop something for prizes. That freaked Byron out. The drilling and banging did not help either.

But I did find out that Simmons college is offering a degree in Poetry Slams! Seriously is that the most useless degree ever offered by a major school. There was an hour long poetry slam at the music tent sponsored by Simmons College.

I decided to take Byron home, and since he was not a happy camper decided to take a cab home instead of trying to get him back down to the subway again. I walked down a couple of blocks to see if I could flag down a cab. I saw several cabs go by empty, since I had the dog no one wanted to stop. It kind of worked out because I got to see local legend Wind Scooter guy. Took a picture of him with Byron which I will put up as soon as I find the cable for my camera.

Went over to the hotel and asked the door man if he would be kind enough to find me a cab. Luckily for me there was a cab driver there who was willing to take me and Byron back to the house. We had a great conversation he told me he was working on becoming a citizen of the United States. He was mad cool.

I thought I was going to have to skip my second session, since Byron had kind of been uncomfortable in the first one I went to. But while chatting with the guy I wondered if it would be possible for him to wait for me to drop off Byron and bring me back into town. It would mean that I chopped my book spending budget in half, or more than half. But it was so tempting to go back and not miss the book signings for books I wanted to get. The second panel was on writing for comics and I really wanted to attend that one. He was kind enough to wait for me in the parking lot until I got back. Yes it cost 60 dollars round trip, worth every penny. I made it back in time to get my copy of Half Empty signed by David Rakoff. I missed getting Bill Bryson to autograph my copy of "At Home" We were in the book line when Byron started signaling that he had had enough of the Book Festival.

Getting back via taxi cab instead of doing the T over again was also worth it. I managed to get to the NPR booth before
David Boeri
left for the day. I introduced myself to David as "Jan Dumas" the woman who disagrees with you so often on Radio Boston. He acted as if he knew me, but I think he did not, we did have a good laugh about it though. I asked his opinion about a news piece Fox News had done about college students dropping out of college early and leaving the Boston area.

While I was waiting for David Rakoff I had a lovely chat with a college student who had just moved to the area. She does blog but knows nothing about web sites like Universal Hub Thought about flirting with David Rakoff, but when he commented on how sweet my nail polish color was, blue green for the record. I figured flirting would be a lost cause.

I was so tired that I left before the last two events. I took the T home, since I had no Byron and nothing but my bag with me. Of course I had my laptop, two books and all my assorted junk. I was hurting by the time I got to Revere Beach. Even with my cane as secondary support I was still limping a bit by the time I got home.

I was so tired that as I walked by the Cambodian Restaurant on Shirley Ave I decided to stop and grab dinner. The restaurant Thmor Da does not have a web site, I wish it did because the food is amazing! I had the Cambodian version of Pat Thai Cambodian style instead of Thai style. Got to remember they serve Tom's favorite dish Tom Yum, but they serve it as a soup. Not sure, going to have to try it out. The cook remembers me from walking Byron by his restaurant.

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