Friday, October 01, 2010

Not walking with Byron

He decided a while ago that he needed to pee. I warned him that it was raining dogs and cats out there, but he did it listen. So on went the jacket and jeans, out came the leash. He jogged to the elevator, barking happily all the way. I am so lucky that my neighbors love Byron. I would be in trouble if someone on this floor had an issue with Byron running in the hall.

I have a sweet little lady - yes there are people who are smaller than me in this world! When she hears Byron in the hall way she always opens her door and says hello. She calls him a sweet fluffy dog and loves to pat him on the head. He starts goofing off for her, dancing in circles by her door or rolling over for a belly scratch.

We got to the elevator and I told him to push the button. He is getting good at the 'press' command, but not so good at really hitting the right button. Still I give him encouragement and a reward, for at least getting close. He will get better as time goes on I am sure. After passing through the front door, Byron got the full force of the rain in his face. He stopped short, sniffed the air a little bit, and walked forward a few more steps. He thought about lifting his leg right there, but a car went by and splashed a bit of water on the steps. The water from the splash did not touch him, but that was enough to get him to turn around.

Just heard some depressing news, well depressing because I lost my house. Three major banks have decided to stop foreclosures. Sadly the bank that foreclosed on me is not one of those banks.

This new tourist destination just floors me. Totally holy crap floors me NBC news tours new terrorist tourist trap

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