Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Twitter 11-15-2010

Using my inside voice http://j.mp/amDEXo
I was changing a light fixture when cat decided to knock the dead bulb & box of new bulbs on the floor 4 broken bulbs & cut hand later !!!
Be still my childish heart Thundar the Barbarian is available on DVD http://bit.ly/cldGvM Head over to the WB shop and grab your set
I'm waiting for the electrician to show up I also need to take a nap Hope Byron wakes me up if the guy shows up. Down for a nap
Starting to develop a headache Not a happy camper tonight Was gonna go to see T but instead gonna take a muscle relaxer and veg out
I'm loving me some #Chuck tonight. Enjoying the episode all the way.
Byron just tried to lick the Ben-Gay off my wrist He currently has the worse sour face I have ever seen Just smelling my wrist sends him off
Byron got sick just a bit ago http://j.mp/bUV8Wy

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