Saturday, November 13, 2010

Links 3

Whew wanted to spend some time at Boston Book Fair but I just ran out of time. I know it goes until 7pm tonight, but if I head into town now I will only be able to spend a few hours there. Better to go tomorrow after I pick up norie from the airport.

Catching up on Great Migrations on NatGeo. Great Migrations Link is taking forever to load today don't know why. They don't have a voice over telling me what kind of animal I am looking at, just a bit of white text telling me where on the globe the pictures were taken. I find my self enjoying the show all the more for that reason.

Google is celebrating the 160th birthday of Robert Louis Stevenson

UGO has been kind enough to provide a clip of every single Pee Wee Herman word of the day

Salon has a lot of great stuff today, including an slide show on movies that take place in trains. Fascinating stuff but the URL is longer than a twitter and a real pain to transfer.

Am I weird to thinks bats are just the cutest things around. Well as long as Byron is not around they are the cutest. Because nothing is cuter than Byron in my book. Elephant Seals on the other hand, scare the shit out of me even watching them on television.

I'm a great fan of the web site how stuff works. Some of my favorite articles this week include.

What is an incorruptible corpses

How THX works

I can get lost for hours on TV Tropes

And a round up of the best jokes on best jokes about bush's memoir

After which you can visit The Huffington Post and play Which adviser's books did he lift his book from Because really do we want to accuse President Bush of plagiarism?

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