Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time to stop buying and start reading

Between Albacon, the Boston Book Festival and this weekends Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair I have 28 books in my to read pile.

No I am not kidding, this is my to be read pile.....

The Walt Disney I borrowed from my parents, so I have to finish it first. Then I'll just start picking random books.  I still have to put the books into my library thing list.  I should do that now.

 Just a quick list of the books in the pile.  If any of the 4 or 5 people who read this blog have read any of the books on the list and feel strongly about them,  leave a comment.  I always enjoy reading other people's book reviews and compairing their experience to mine.

Sorry got distracted, some kids were running up and down the hallway banging on doors.  No idea who's children and or grand children. Either way, every time they banged on my door, or looked in the window Byron hit the door.  I went out into the hallway and asked them to stop bothering the people on this floor and go away.  I brought a bit of trash with me, so I was not just going into the hall to yell at them.  They started asking me about the building and followed me back to the apartment.   I really had no interest in entertaining them, and again suggested they go away.  Moments later Byron hit the door again!  The kids were outside the door scrunching down to look in the window.  I have a curtain over the window in my door.  The opening is at the very bottom at about waist level high.

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