Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sorry I have not posted lately - the really depressed lost a dear friend issue

So this was my Monday night

Oh man I am exhausted!

Got home just before 10pm. Tom had already called the house and my cell phone in the 40 or so minutes it took to drive home. Sorry I have not read anyone's journals since Sunday. I'm never really in a situation where I can sit and veg out for long enough to do anything.

People in the neighborhood have been wonderful. One of the neighbors came over and shoveled the steps and walk. Others have dropped off food, or just stopped in to see how we were doing. I stopped at CVS to pick up sympathy cards. I had this great idea of what to write on them as I was driving on Route 1. Completely with out clue as to what I was going to say now that I am home. It will come to me I am sure.

Byron is happy to see me, and Purrball even acknowledged my presence. More that that actually, she came and sat by the side of the tub while I showered and is now sitting next to Byron watching me. Byron barked a bit, I think he wanted to go out, but I am just to tired right now. Had to wash my hair, both Tom and his mom are heavy smokers and we have been in each others pockets for the last 26 hours.

I know none of you know him, but the Boston Globe already has his obituary up.

Just going to sit here for a while, eat something and take my night time meds. Tomorrow is another day. Another long day.

EDIT: Just went to water my tree. Realized my neighbor did that for me to. I have to do something VERY nice for her.

Last night when I got home I posted about the funeral mass

Well the B line at least. We left the funeral home and started the procession to the church. The church is right across the street from the B line barn. As we turned on to Comm Ave there was a B line train with the "Out of Service" message on the back, and "Rest in Peace Tommy Woods" on the front. As we passed train after train sitting still on the tracks I started to wonder if the entire B line was waiting for us to go by. We drove by the second train, and he had the windows open and the I heard the "This train is out of Service" Then the driver pulled the horn. I lost it, just dissolved. It was a good thing that I was not driving or I would have gone right off the road.

When we got to the train barn the lot was full of trains, and as the hearse pulled into the station all of the trains started to honk their horns. There was a MBTA honor guard, eight guys in all who escorted his casket up the aisle. I sat in the third row, with the family. Because I kinda AM family.

On the way out of the church we saw the MBTA had done a few more things to honor there number 1 guy. There was a bus sitting in front of the church with a "Rest in Peace Tommy Woods"

Today I just want to sit in the dark and process this miserable day

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